Hello, Friends! It’s been a while so I thought I’d bring you some good news. Remember way back when I told you about a donkey who was friends with a sheep?

Boop the donkeys nose to read that story

Well, that first story idea is finally coming to life… tomorrow!! I decided that I would do my own illustrations. Oh boy. I have such a greater appreciation for artists. Ha!

Click this book cover to order!

In this first tale from Father Doolan, we meet Westley and Dribble. They are besties who have adventures, stick up for each other, and sometimes have run ins with fairy tale creatures.

Though this is a Kindle exclusive release, there will be a paperback of all three stories later this year! These stories are intended to be an introduction to chapter books for young readers. If your kiddo is already reading chapter books, my novel Song of a Wingfin might be a good fit.

Touch the mushroom for a fairytale adventure.

Thank you so much for following me and for letting me imagine you a story.

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