’Twas the night before Christmas in a three stop light town
Somewhere in Ohio, the streets carefully plowed.
With a truck and a shovel, the streets were cleared,
All by a man with a big, red, bushy beard

His two girls were nestled all snug in their beds,
Dreaming of Christmas and inner tube sleds.
This man, who we’ll call Whiskers, hurried on home,
Now that the roads were all cleared for Christmas morn.

When upon arrival to his humble abode,
Whiskers couldn’t believe what the evidence showed.
There in the snow, were tracks of a sled
And hoof prints as well, just up ahead.

Then from the roof, there arose such a clatter.
He jumped out of his truck to look into the matter.
From somewhere above, he heard a scream, “help!”
He looked up and saw two pointy-eared elves.

“Santa’s been hurt, he fell off your roof,
Just over here, we don’t know what to do!”
So, Whiskers ran over and saw right away
That our dear Mr. Claus had quite a bad sprain

“Ho, ho, ho-OUCH!,” he cried as a greeting.
Whiskers couldn’t believe they were actually meeting.
He helped Santa up, they hobbled into the house.
Both trying to keep as quiet as a little church mouse.

Whiskers found an Ace bandage and athletic tape.
In no time he’d have Santa in tip-top shape.
“Now, Santa, I didn’t see your reindeer or sled.
How can you finish the up job ahead?”

Santa gave him a look with a twinkle in his eye,
“Whiskers, I’m magic, I think I’ll survive.
The elves have gone to deliver the East Coast, then come back
For now, I’d wouldn’t mind a bit of a snack.”

With that, Whiskers offered him a tin of Polish Rooskies,
A large glass of milk and some gingerbread cookies.
Then, last but not least, a large popcorn ball,
Whiskers’ favorite Christmas treat from his mother-in-law

In no time at all, they heard bells and a whistle.
The elves had returned to get their patient from Whiskers.
“Well, son, it looks like you were my good luck!
This year, I promise you more than just socks.”

He winked, and then, with a bit help from his staff,
Santa flew off with his familiar, hearty laugh
Whiskers went to bed and snuggled in tight,
Still trying to believe the events of that night.

Christmas morning came with cheers from his kids,
Jumping on his bed, poking him in the ribs,
“Daddy, it’s Christmas. Time to get up!”
You didn’t have to tell him more than once

The family would gather for story time first,
As Whiskers would tell of our dear savior’s birth.
Then, someone would be chosen to ‘play Santa Claus’
And pass out the gifts to one and to all

One girl got sword that lit up and made noise,
The other got a teddy bear among other toys.
But, there wrapped in green, he thought it a trick,
A box that said, “To: Whiskers – From: St. Nick”

He peeled back the paper and slowly revealed
The two things he had wanted all year.
One for the truck, and one for the house,
New CBs to talk to his girls while he plowed

Just when he thought he couldn’t feel more joy,
At the bottom of the box was a special toy.
As a boy he would dream of it, how did Santa know?
A quiver full of toy arrows and a sturdy toy bow

Whiskers and his kids played and played for hours
As Cowboys, Indians, and Teddy Bears with superpowers
Later that night, as he tucked the girls in bed,
He started counting all the blessings that popped into his head.

Before he climbed into bed, he turned out the lights.
He said a prayer for Santa and next years flight,
“I pray God keep you safe wherever you wander,
And may we all spread your kindness on to each other.”

Whiskers & his girls

This is a poem I wrote for my dad a few years ago. We were reminiscing of Christmas in the ’80s when he was street superintendent in my hometown of LaRue, OH. As a little girl, I would talk to him on the CB radio while he plowed the streets.

Take time to revisit some of your childhood traditions this season. Perhaps it will inspire you to start some new ones or bring some back to life. Merry christmas. over and out.

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