Today you get three in one when it comes to holidays. We have Friendship Day, International Forgiveness Day, and Sister Day.

Here’s to hoping your sister is your friend, and you have learned to easily forgive each other over the years. *clinks glass and sips sparkling water

Cheers to that!

This is my sister. She’s pretty cool for a little sister. Her achievements over the years include: working in a circus, spinning fire balls, creating some kick butt art, having a killer laugh, and giving birth to the best kid ever. And that just scratches the surface.

Silly faces.

As a bonus pic, this is us as cartoons. It was taken at Kings Island amusement park in Ohio on our “sisters only” vacation ten years ago. Dang! We need to plan another one of those soon!

Pretty good likeness.

If you have a sister, give her a hug today (virtual hugs count). If you have a friend, give them a hug today (virtual hugs count). And, most importantly, if you need to forgive a sister or friend for anything, there’s no day like today.

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