Just a couple of my many copies of this beloved American fairy tale.

Happy birthday Wizard of Oz! The book was published 120 years ago today. Author L. Frank Baum’s birthday was on the 15th. Can you imagine what a birthday gift that was?!

L. Frank Baum

My love for Oz came when I was 9 and saw an NBC special about Baum staring John Ritter. Annette O’Toole was also in the movie and played his wife Maud.

John Ritter as L. Frank Baum

It was magical borrowing the whole series from my library and learning about a whole new world. I still keep an eye out for that edition when I’m in a used book store.

My children’s book. Now available in paperback and kindle/ebook.

Maybe someday a cool kid will find Song of a Wingfin in a library and fall in love too! 😁💞📚

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